Circular Economy

15th May 2024

Second-Hand Gear for Van Life in Europe

Part of the fun of prepping for your van adventure in Europe is gearing up with the right equipment, but that doesn't mean you need to get everything brand new.

We love design and outdoor gear, but are not so stoked about mindless consumerism and fast fashion.

For outdoor enthusiasts, van life digital nomads and eco-conscious travelers, finding second-hand gear can be both a budget-friendly and an environmentally sound choice. Here's a straightforward guide to some platforms where you can find pre-loved camping, van life, and outdoor gear across Europe:

  • Vinted - This platform offers a wide selection of used items ranging from camping essentials like tents and sleeping bags to outdoor gear like hiking boots, backpacks and even gear for pets. It’s a great way to reduce waste and extend the life cycle of gear.
  • Etsy - If you're after unique, handmade outdoor gear, Etsy is a solid choice. You can find things like handcrafted wooden utensils and camping accessories that are custom designed and made with sustainability in mind. Unfortunately, Etsy has become less craftsman focused and offers some mass produced and not so sustainable products. Therefore, it’s best to use the shop location filter in Europe and stay vigilant.
  • Marktplaats (Netherlands) / 2dehands (Belgium) - For those in the Netherlands or Belgium, Marktplaats and 2dehands are great local platforms with a huge range. Perfect for finding second-hand gear for camping and outdoor sports.
  • OLX - Available in Poland, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, and Ukraine, OLX is a go-to for finding a variety of second-hand goods, including outdoor sports and camping gear. It's pretty straightforward and you can often find some decent deals.
  • Decathlon Second Hand - In France, UK, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Spain, check out Decathlon's second-hand platform for a range of outdoor clothing and gear. It’s a place to find quality items at more accessible prices.
  • Depop - Particularly popular in the UK and Italy, Depop is a vibrant marketplace for buying and selling unique second-hand items. It's especially good for finding vintage and retro style gear, which can add a bit of character to your van life setup.

  • Opting for second-hand gear isn’t just about saving a few coins—it’s about making choices that are in line with sustainable travel and thoughtful consumerism. By choosing used items, you help foster a circular economy and cut down on waste.

    As much as we all love gear, don’t forget to focus on the experience of your journey, rather than accumulating shiny stuff to show off at the campsite.

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